Practical information

Preparation admission

Our team will prepare you for and guide you through the admissions process as much as possible. Before you are admitted, information is sent to your home so that you can be properly prepared for your departure, journey and admission.

Admission to the Davos Dutch Asthma Centre

The Centre provides you with a room with a bathroom and balcony, and (Dutch) television and Wi-Fi. Meals are served in the Swiss Zurich Rehabilitation Clinic where the Asthma Clinic is located.
The treatment team members speak Dutch and are trained in the Netherlands.

Click on the patient information film for an impression of and information about the Davos Dutch Asthma Clinic.

Family visits

The Davos Dutch Society offers a scheme for financial contribution to the accommodation costs for family members of patients admitted to the clinic. Contact the Society and ask about the conditions.


For questions and information, you can e-mail or telephone the medical secretariat in Davos.

+31 6 31 00 29 05

[email protected]

Waiting time

The average waiting time from referral to admission depends mainly on how quickly your health insurance provider authorises treatment and is mostly at least 3 weeks.

For more information you can also download the information brochure or our house rules. These can be found in the download center.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to answer them.