Working in the Davos Dutch Asthma Centre

If you are interested in working at the Davos Dutch Asthma Centre, please contact Harry Horsman, Clinical Psychologist and Operational Manager at the Centre [email protected]

Working in the Davos Dutch Asthma Centre gives you the opportunity to focus on, guide and care for patients with asthma in a very special setting. Patients with complex physical problems are central in the day-to-day work. In addition, we regularly see various forms of psychosocial/psychosomatic problems which may or may not be otherwise related to asthma. You are part of the treatment team in which several disciplines are represented: pneumonologists, psychologists, psychomotor therapist, exercise and movement specialist, physiotherapists, care coordinators and nursing staff. They all work together intensively to provide high-quality treatment, according to the patient’s individual needs. Through specialist knowledge, attention, conviction and motivation, our objective is to help the patient regain control over his or her own life in a safe environment. You are part of a team with a pleasant working environment, in which motivation, flexibility and congeniality are at the forefront, in a beautiful location.

Bergen verzetten met collega’s

The Davos Dutch Asthma Centre is the centre of expertise in the area of high-altitude treatment of patients with serious asthma. The centre is located at an altitude of 1650 metres in the mountains of Switzerland, because the irritant-poor environment with low concentrations of pollen, dust mites, air pollution and other irritants are a positive factor in the treatment of serious asthma. The Davos Dutch Asthma Centre is an institution for Dutch patients, with Dutch-speaking personnel, embedded in the Dutch health care system and compliant with Dutch standards of quality.
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Job vacancies Davos Dutch Asthma Centre

Davos - Nederlands Astmacentrum Davos | Zwitserland

Nurse m/v

32-36 hours a week from 1 May 2019

Davos - Nederlands Astmacentrum Davos | Zwitserland

Activity supervisor m/v

32-36 hours a week from 1 March 2019

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