The Centre complies with international ISO 9001:2015 criteria and received updated certification in April 2018.

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On patient survey website Zorgkaart Nederland, patients evaluate the Davos Centre with a 9.2.

Scientific research indicates that 95% of patients manage to get their asthma well under control during treatment in the Davos Centre, thus improving their quality of life, their lung function, inflammation/infection and the distance they can walk.

Half of the patients taking prednisolone for maintenance could stop taking it, while among patients who could not stop taking prednisolone, the dosage could be halved.

Karin Fieten obtained her PhD in December 2017

Karin Fieten - Nederlands Astmacentrum Davos | Zwitserland

Dr. Karin Fieten-researcher

“Complex care for complex eczema in children”.

The DAVOS trial is an important part of this dissertation. This is the first randomised trial to investigate the effect of high-altitude treatment in children with eczema (and often also asthma).

Admission to the Davos Dutch Asthma Centre was compared with an intensive, personal and multi-disciplinary treatment programme in the Netherlands. In both groups the eczema improved considerably. Immediately after returning, the Davos children had barely any disease activity. During the follow-up, they gradually lost this advantage, while the control group remained stable.

ISAF 2018 – Karin Fieten – Poster Prize

Allergy 2019 – Karin Fieten – Artikel

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